Our focus is to help your business be more successful.

With a combined 50 years of marketing expertise, we set out to build a consolidated digital marketing system that allows our clients to out-maneuver and out-sell their competition.

In fact, that is our mission – to help clients small and large become the most successful online business they can be. We don’t have investors, and the only time we’re in Silicon Valley is to meet with clients. We’re a Midwestern company with a Midwestern work ethic.

We are lean, mean, and completely focused on your success. If you want more customers, you owe it yourself to drop us a line and see if we can work together.

Our Executive Team

Scott Randolph – Managing Partner

Scott brings over 20 years of online marketing and business experience to the leadership team of TrafficSnagger. With a client history that ranges from Fortune 500 finance companies to early stage big data, and an entrepreneurial background that includes several successful businesses, he brings a diverse set of skills and expertise to the table for clients every day. Scott is relentless in focusing on client results, and goes beyond “agency-speak” to ensure TrafficSnagger clients are positioned for long-term success.

Chris Norman – Senior Developer

Chris comes to our team with over 15 years over online marketing and direct marketing experience. Working with a wide range of clients through the years, Chris has developed a strong skill set in the technical aspects of the marketing industry. Chris has spent his career focusing on email marketing, web development, and graphic design with many different direct marketing organizations. Chris has built all ranges of email marketing campaigns as well as producing profitable sales funnels. Chris lives in St Louis Missouri, Has a wife and three kids, he holds a bachelor degree in marketing, and a masters degree in research and leadership.

Marty M. Fahncke – Board Member / Strategic Advisor

With over 30 years in the direct marketing and online marketing space, Marty brings a unique and valuable perspective to the growth of the company, and to all clients of TrafficSnagger. While he does not work in the day to day business, Marty’s decade of experience as a “Professional Revenue Developer” come in to play as he provides strategic oversight into the marketing campaigns of all TrafficSnagger clients, helping ensure maximum efficiency, revenue, and profitability.